A mobile game is a video game that is typically played on a portable device (mobile phone, iPad etc).

The Gorilla X Warfare Team are excited to announce that they will be launching a Mobile Gaming App (scheduled December 2022)

Play options:

1. Free to Play

Players compete levels by taking part in puzzles to earn points

2. Play 2 Earn

Players compete levels by taking part in puzzles whilst collecting prize funds, making purchases, and receiving additional in-game benefits using a native currency.

Play 2 Earn will only be available to X-Ape NFT holders.

If you are in ownership of an NFT, you will be able to link your wallet address to the game; this will then be used as your player profile image and displayed on the leader board.

Prize funds collected will be sent to the linked wallet address, which can then be exchanged for XRP or Fiat.

Our development plan can be viewed in more detail within our whitepaper.!ArPSal2thPRpg1isd5qYaY3If7mv